Responses from Wesley Fryer

Responses: What overall responses / feedback do you have about K12Online2006 as a participant, presenter, and/or convener?
  1. Phenomenal example of flat-world peer-to-peer education.
  2. Amazing quality of work, cost was zero for participants: Where else has this happened for K-12?
  3. Learning continues: Availability of resources on ongoing basis has meant learning went on and on

Changes: What elements of K-12 Online were the best/strongest and should be preserved in 2007? What elements should be improved or changed?
  1. Are there better ways to structure or organize conversations around different presos and themes? Maybe via Technorati tags?
  2. Convert all presos to a podcastable / subscribable format.
  3. Encourage personalized feedback via YouTube posted videos.

Teacher Education: How can our experiences in K-12 online inform teacher education, both in pre-service and in-service contexts?
  1. Value of blending synchronous and asynchronous learning: Letting learners time and place shift.
  2. What were/are the experiences of the people who enrolled for grad credit and utilized K-12 online resources?
  3. Value of leaving educational / communication options open for presenters, to encourage diverse modalities of expression and let others use more tools.

I'll add more here too, this is a start!